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My first 100 Sessions

Libby reflects on her first 100 sessions as a Musical Moments franchisee:

"Since joining Musical Moments in September 2023, I have had the pleasure of becoming a regular visitor in many care homes in North Essex. As I reflect on my first 100 sessions delivered, I am filled with such gratitude that this is what I do for a job; uplifting the mood and morale of residents through the incredible power of music. Each of the sessions I have delivered have been filled with seemingly small but powerful moments; a resident singing all the words to a song after not speaking all day, a smiling face when reminiscing, a song which evokes an emotional response as memories are brought to the surface, the tapping of a foot from a resident who never normally partakes in any activities, the spontaneity of getting up and dancing.

Being a Musical Moments franchisee is so rewarding for all the reasons above and more. Not only do I get to spread happiness through music, I also get to choose my own working days and hours, meaning I have the flexibility to work around family commitments and I actually now look forward to my working week! Every day and every session brings me such a sense of fulfilment that I honestly don't feel like I'm working at all.

All of the Musical Moments team are fantastic and provide a supportive network full of advice and encouragement where the views and thoughts of each team member are valued. It is a truly amazing job, one which I feel incredibly proud and grateful to be doing, and I look forward to bringing more musical joy to even more homes in the future."

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