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Our Sessions

What does a Musical Moments session look like?

All Musical Moments sessions include a range of music based activities which will get everyone singing, moving and smiling! We use a mixture of live performance and recorded music to engage everyone in the room and we aim to stimulate physically and mentally through the use of sensory props and safe adaptive movement.


Over the last 12 years our sessions have been developed  through experience and expertise in the performance, care and education sectors. We now also work with our Music Therapist Izzy and Adaptive Movement Specialist Matt to ensure you get the absolute most benefit from the sessions. 


Care Homes

We deliver group music-based activity sessions to residential and nursing homes. We pride ourselves in providing sessions that are stimulating, enjoyable and accessible for everyone in the room (staff and family included). We are particularly dementia and disability friendly.


In The Community

We work with a range of adult community based groups, day centres, dementia cafes, support groups or additional needs centres for a tailored and fun interactive session. 

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We also do sessions for individual adults of any age living with disabilities or dementia. These sessions will be tailored to the individual to provide the most fun and stimulation for them. Sessions can take place at home, virtually or in supported residential settings 

Book Now and Give the gift of Music

Anyone can book a session for a group or a loved one.
Simply get in touch HERE or find your local Musical Moments musician on the TEAM PAGE to contact them directly


"Musical Moments is without doubt the best activity which takes place at the moment. All our residents appear stimulated and engage in some part of the activity, which could not be said for any of the other activities provided at the care home by other providers at the present time."

Exercise for older people

There have been several statistics that show gentle movement and exercise is extremely beneficial for older people, helping to reduce falls, encourage social interaction and to improve cardio-vasucular health.

We have appropriate and fun chair-based exercise in our sessions

Music in care homes

"In care homes it is estimated that 80% of people have dementia or very significant memory problems but only 5% have access to art and music"

NHS England 2018

At Musical Moments we want to change this statistic

Singing improves health!

Singing and music makes you feel good. Every session we deliver includes live as well as recorded music so that everyone has the opportunity to sing with familiar songs they will know and love. Singing helps to improve circulation, breathing, memory and social interaction, how can you not love it?

Just some of the valued relationships we have with our clients and partners across the UK

Our Clients and Partners

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