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We sang the songs we knew and loved...

My mum had always enjoyed listening to me practising my music. She enjoyed my singing and attended many concerts I performed in over the years. But how do you go from that, to your mum asking you to sing to her when you both know she is so ill and only has days to live?

For some of you this may be a familiar scenario, others probably not. I sat by her hospital bed, held her hand, and sang the many songs we both knew and loved. My voice echoed like a lost melody, occasionally faltering as emotions gripped my throat like a clasped hand.

All the singing in the world though wouldn’t change the way things were.

Mum passed away seven years ago, and yes, part of me went too! I never wanted to sing again.

Several years passed and when I did attempt to sing a reminiscent choking of that final day of mum’s life ebbing away came rushing back. Too emotional, the lump in my throat just sat there as stubborn as I had perhaps become.

It’s taken several years to get where I am today, and I think my mum would be proud of me. Part of her own working life had been spent nursing the elderly and maybe mum had a hand in me finding Musical Moments. I sing every day now – and by singing, I can connect with so many wonderful people. That’s the true power of music!

Jilli Moult

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